About Us

Taiyo Optics (Dongguan) Corp. is a professional supplier of prisms and cylindrical lens. We have been focusing on processing and manufacturing optical prisms for more than 20 years. Our first factory was established in 1993 at Nanyang, China. About ten years later, our second factory was established in Dongguan, China. Our featured products include optical prism, cylindrical lens, and other planar optical components.
Taiyo employs more than 400 workers with about 30 technicians. Equipped with milling, polishing, ultrasonic cleaning, coating, curing gluing equipment and quality testing equipment more than 300 sets, with strong process design and manufacturing capabilities, Taiyo has the capacity to produce 200,000 prisms and 20,000 cylindrical lenses monthly.

Taiyo has ZYGO interferometer, FUJINON interferometer, HITACHI UV4100 spectrophotometer, NIKON 6D collimator ,optical bench, universal goniometer, V prism refractometer, birefringence instrument etc. as a fully equipped 30 sets of advanced testing instruments with strict quality control system.
Taiyo adhering to the habits of rigorous and meticulous, with the goal of customer satisfaction; committed to global excellence photoelectric based; always prepared and dedicate to provide quality, stability, and efficient operation of ancillary services.
Currently, Taiyo has become a supplier of many famous enterprises in many different countries, including but not limited to Japan, Germany, South Korea and United States.